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What are your barriers to exercise?

It is interesting to know that obesity and diabetes is on the increase. We as a nation are bigger than we’ve ever been before and our inactivity and barriers to exercise are a contributing factors to our ill-health.

A negative attitude and belief system towards physical exercise stops people from adopting a healthier lifestyle. Exercise is something that can ultimately be one of the single best things that can be done to improve health, feelings of well-being and happiness and increase lifespan.

The 3 top reasons why people stop exercising are:

  1. Work reasons
  2. Loss of interest
  3. Other things take priority of time

At Ascend we believe that overcoming barriers to achieving a fitness goal, is the key to success!

Working out a realistic plan to overcome any barrier can help reaching a goal so much easier and more effective.

There is nothing more demotivating than not succeeding in achieving a goal, Ascend understands this and has created a free downloadable planner, so that you can create your own personalised barrier defeating plan!


Be mindful and honest when constructing your plan.

Here are some useful tips to think about:

  1. Write the plan with confidence! Don’t allow lack of confidence stop you from believing you can overcome any barrier!
  2. Think about the advantages of adopting new exercise into your lifestyle.
  3. Keep your plan realistic and manageable!
  4. Create your plan with a friend or loved one for support!
  5. Keep it simple yet effective.

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