Ascend Personal Training


When I was young I wasn’t particularly good at sport or exercise, I was obese as a child and I was bullied because of my weight. I was 14 when I decided enough was enough and I was determined to lose weight. I remember weighing myself and at my heaviest I was 15 stone. Within 12 months I had nearly lost 6 stone.

I was 15 when I developed Anorexia and throughout my teens as I battled against this disease my weight dropped to 5 stone at one point.
I began working within the fitness industry at the age of 20, starting as a modern apprentice to become a Personal Trainer. At 21 I nearly died of a heart attack due to over exercising and malnutrition. I had a severe electrolyte imbalance but luckily, I survived.

I took a year off from work, to focus on my studies and myself.

I have since obtained a variety of qualifications from nutrition to biomechanics.

I choose courses that interest me and that I feel passionate about; I want to offer my clients the best in fitness and nutrition that I know works!

I worked in a few independent and commercial gyms before creating my Personal Training business in 2010.

About a year before I started my first Personal Training business, Missfit Personal Training for Women, I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid, it was truly my worst nightmare! I knew that having an underactive thyroid meant I would put weight on without my control. I was so tired, my hair fell out and my skin was awful, I could not exercise.

As I recovered, and my health returned I gradually got back into training and I began to work more hours. I also stopped smoking at this time and I really became well for the first time in like forever it seemed. I was 100% focused on improving my health and life, I did not want to carry on punishing myself with strict diets and goals which revolved around staying super thin. After going through so much health wise, I was determined to change for the better and be the best version of me.

I developed my brand over the years and created Ascend Personal Training in 2014.

My life and personal fitness journey have played a massive part in creating Ascend Personal Training’ philosophies.

I specialise in weight and fat loss because I have been very over weight myself, I understand what it feels like and I know what to do to achieve a healthy weight and positive body image.