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Functional Medicine Nutrition Workshop

“Ascend Personal Training does not believe in fad diets or gimmicks. We pride ourselves on creating an individual approach when it comes to designing our members exercise programs and nutritional strategies.

Care is taken to empower each member through intelligent training techniques and realistic nutritional strategies.”
The Game Changers documentary on Netflix has become the popular diet of the now. Unfortunately, like most fads out there, the information that the film provides is contorted

It was the second installment of the Ascend nutrition workshop, whereby we delved deeper into the Games Changers propaganda documentary.

“…I believe that we are all genetically and biochemically different and we need to eat the foods that we feel help us thrive…”

~ Ailsa Care

The nutrition workshop was lead by Dr Ailsa Care, Functional medicine practitioner.

“…I read the start of a book the other day and a question really resonated with me: think of a person who is radiantly healthy – what would their life be like? Most people will imagine they sleep and eat well, exercise regularly, find time for relaxation and enjoy being in the company of others. All of us have an intuitive sense of what health is, but many of us have lost the roadmap to optimal health.

My most important piece of advice is to eat real food rather than processed food. Food which has been processed in a factory has lost much of the vitamins and minerals, destroyed by the processing. Yes it is calories but not nutrition…”

As a group we concluded that there was no such thing as a ‘perfect diet’; what works for one person could possibly not work for another.

Some people have the genetic makeup to absorb nutrients better than others – everyone is truly different!

Everyone agreed that the documentary was well made and cleverly endorsed by some of Hollywood’s most popular actors.

To draw a close on the documentary, we took several positives from the film:

• Individuals that want to eat meat, would benefit from eating more fruit and vegetables.

• Individuals that want to eat a vegan or vegetarian diet, would benefit from learning how to achieve a well balanced diet, from a credible source and not from a bias Netflix nutrition ‘documentary’.

~ Be true to yourself and be the best version of you!

Is it time to make a change?