Ascend Personal Training

Why choose group training?

Have you ever been lost at the back of a large class, not sure if you are doing the exercise correctly or getting the full benefit?

Have you come away from a large class environment with an injury which has lowered your motivation and confidence to exercise?

Group Personal Training offers a motivational and energised environment to exercise in. Training in a small group of likeminded people has been proven to help people stay motivated and focused on their goals. Ascend Personal Training has created a strong community, who motivate one another to achieve better health and a stronger mindset.

All the group classes offer fat loss, strength and fitness benefits.

Strength and bodyweight HIIT

Using high intensity interval training music tracks and bodyweight exercises, this class will help with fat loss and increase general fitness. The class contains a strength training element: deadlifts, barbell squats, bench press and so on.

Enjoy getting a good sweat on and lifting your personal best!

Bodyweight HIIT

A 30 minute class that is ideal for the busy individual who wants a quick HIT of exercise. Metafit high intensity interval training music, is used to help motivate and energise the class through a fat burning, stamina and fitness building workout!

Core Training

Upper / Lower body focus weight training

Alternating from upper to lower body focus each week, both classes concentrate on accessory work to help limit injury, build muscle and strength as well as boosting metabolism!

Aim to balance out your body composition to improve your performance and physique.



Core training is an absolute MUST if you want your ultimate strength, fitness and health.

This class contains a mixture of bodyweight and weight exercises to achieve amazing core strength and conditioning.

Be prepared to feel your core like never before!

If time is your barrier, you can choose to attend between 1 to 3 classes per week and there is no contract!

There is never more than 10 people per class and a highly knowledgeable, Ascend Personal Trainer will coach the class through a carefully planned workout, tailoring each exercise to the individual.

Join in a session and give your body everything it needs to be healthy, fit and strong for life!

What are you waiting for?