Ascend Personal Training

About online personal training?

Online personal Training provides the opportunity to benefit from the results Ascend delivers, at a fraction of the cost.

A different approach to receiving personal training, training online can give you the freedom to exercise anywhere at any time.

Ascend Online Personal Training is different to any other . Why? Because we believe in sustainable and achievable results with no extreme diets or fad exercises regimes.

Online Personal Training prepares you for a lifestyle change that will give you lifelong health, fitness and a physique that you will be happy with. You will achieve amazing fat loss and fitness gain the knowledge and confidence to lead a healthier lifestyle.

What to expect?

Bespoke programming

A well designed, personable program can make the difference between achieving mediocre results, compared to accomplishing incredible results!


You and your trainer will work together as a team to help achieve your goals. You will be given the personal support and guidance you need throughout your fitness journey.

lifestyle plan

You will be changing your lifestyle for the better. Your Personal Trainer will work with you to create the lifestyle you want whilst fulfilling your fat loss and fitness goals.

Nutritional guidance

Your trainer will take the time to adapt your current nutritional habits into a realistic and manageable plan, that will easily fit into your lifestyle and achieve your goals.

goal setting

Feedback from yourself and reviewing your results, will allow your trainer to create weekly goals, to ensure you are constantly improving and progressing.

ongoing support

Your PT will stay in touch and support you as requested, outside your sessions. It is important that any barriers are overcome, and accomplishments are celebrated!

Be the next amazing transformation!

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