Ascend Personal Training

What is personal training?

All our personal training takes place in our very own private gym.

One to one Personal Training exclusively focuses on the individual, giving a higher level of service that is completely personalised to you

If you have a busy schedule, one to one PT allows you to pick a time that suits you, taking away the pressure of fitting into a class timetable.

A group environment may be intimidating, or it may not be a motivational environment for you. With one to one Personal Training, the exercise session is completely private between you and your trainer.

In a class, the workout may not be suitable for your needs: You may have an old injury and certain movements are not appropriate.

At Ascend, it is paramount that you achieve your goals and your trainer will provide the accountability and motivation to keep you on track.

What to expect?

Bespoke programming

A well designed, personable program can make the difference between achieving mediocre results, compared to accomplishing incredible results!


You and your trainer will work together as a team to help achieve your goals. You will be given the personal support and guidance you need throughout your fitness journey.

lifestyle plan

You will be changing your lifestyle for the better. Your Personal Trainer will work with you to create the lifestyle you want whilst fulfilling your fat loss and fitness goals.

Nutritional guidance

Your trainer will take the time to adapt your current nutritional habits into a realistic and manageable plan, that will easily fit into your lifestyle and achieve your goals.

goal setting

Feedback from yourself and reviewing your results, will allow your trainer to create weekly goals, to ensure you are constantly improving and progressing.

ongoing support

Your PT will stay in touch and support you as requested, outside your sessions. It is important that any barriers are overcome, and accomplishments are celebrated!