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Maintaining a positive body image

At Ascend, we want each member to have a positive body image and to have a healthy relationship with food and exercise.

Maintaining a positive body Image in today’s world is challenging for young and old.

The expectations of having a perfectly toned physique and perfectly round bottom are unrealistic for most people to achieve. Let’s face it, most people have families and work long hours, it’s near impossible to achieve the physique and lifestyle of an Instagram model when all he/she does is take photos, meal prep and train on a beach somewhere. I am sure it’s harder than that, but you can see where I am coming from.

For the everyday person, they need an exercise and nutrition regime to fit into their busy lifestyles, not the other way around.

When exercise and food become all consuming, it can become a negative in a person’s life and a chore.  

The vicious circle begins, along with the quick fixes and extremes, to achieve a fat loss or fitness goal as fast as possible.  The only thing this regime accomplishes is a more negative body image because of the reoccurring failure in achieving one’s goals.

People do not enjoy the process of adopting a healthier lifestyle because of past bad experiences.  Whether it be a PE lesson at school or the starvation they felt on a previous diet. They just want it over and done with, hence the appeal of the quick fix.

Is this you?

Achieving fat loss and fitness does not have to be a chore and you do not have to suffer.  Be mindful of being in the right environment, that is motivational and supportive.  Surround yourself with likeminded people on the same mission as you.  Adopt a positive mindset and focus on health above anything.  Eat a balanced diet that you enjoy and don’t feel the need to overindulge.  Find a fitness professional with a good level of experience and knowledge, who has a portfolio containing results that coincide with your fitness goals. 

Read how the members of Ascend Achieved their fat loss and fitness goals without going to extreme measures.


Is it time to make a change?