Ascend Personal Training

Step away from the crowd!

Stepping away from the crowd, from something that is popular but is not necessarily good for you, takes great strength and courage. 

It is hard not to follow the crowd especially when you hear from a friend that she lost a stone in a week or you see an unbelievable transformation online that was achieved in days. 

As the age old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. 

Understanding how true fat loss is achieved, can empower you to make the right choice when it comes to choosing the correct nutrition and exercise plan that fits into your lifestyle.

All the diets that you see in a commercial environment are based on the same principle: calories in/ calories out.  Each diet product has been packaged differently to appeal to a customer, to sell as many products as possible – it has not been made with your health and wellbeing in mind. 

It takes time to sift through the celebrity diets, the extremes and the plain scary diet plans out there, to finally find the one that fits into your lifestyle, without it being detrimental to your emotional and physical health. 

Ascends approach to nutrition is simple:

  1. Break away from fad, quick fix diets.
  2. Do not go to the extremes of cutting out whole food groups and lowering food intake to unsustainable levels.
  3. Be patient and kind to yourself, regaining a good relationship with yourself and food takes time and effort.
  4. Be honest with yourself. Tackling barriers head on will in the end help you achieve your fat loss goal, ignoring them and sweeping them under the carpet will prolong unhappiness.
  5. Find the right environment and group of likeminded people. A lot of Ascends success stories come from women who attend either a transformation group or group personal training class or both!

Is it time to make a change?