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Strength training and my pregnancy recovery

“…Exercise is not a punishment for hating your body or an allowance to eat. It is blessing to be able to train your body to be stronger and fitter for life!…”

The best thing I did to aid in my recovery from pregnancy and giving birth, was getting back to physical activity and reconnecting with my body again.

I did not feel guilty about giving 3 hours a week to exercise and I did not see it as neglecting or taking precious time away, from being with my newborn baby. I think if you feel happy, strong and healthy, it will impact on the happiness of your baby. After all, a happy mummy means a happy baby right?…


I felt so happy when I started to exercise again, It boosted my mood – which was needed after the hormonal rollercoaster I’d just been on and it helped with my confidence physically and mentally.

I certainly didn’t jump into heavy weight training to begin with, I knew my ligaments were still very pliable from the hormone relaxin, (which is released to help with giving giving birth) and my pelvis was not fully stable to safely take on a deadlift or back squat. I did however, begin with body weight exercises: press-ups, planks, body weight squats and so on. As the weeks went on, I felt comfortable to use the machine based weights at the gym and dumbbells. My goal was to get to a shape that I felt happy with, but more importantly I was focused on getting my strength and fitness back!

I am now nearly 12 months postpartum and I am on it! I am lifting weights better than I did before I was pregnant and dare say, I am in better shape too!

I do very moderate cardio and I focus on body weight high intensity interval training because my time is limited. I devote most of my workout to weight training because I want strong bones and muscles and an efficient, powerful metabolism!

It is amazing how having a child can empower you to be better in all aspects of your life and hurray for weight training, what a powerful, effective pregnancy recovery tool!

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